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Pasta Chains Set to Invade New York City and Beyond

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In her first post covering the New York restaurant beat for the WSJ, Sumathi Reddy brings word of two new fast-food pasta chains that are set to debut in New York later this year: Hello Pasta and Nooï. Both restaurants will be based around a mix-and-match, Chipotle-style menu of pastas and sauces, with prices in the $7-$12 range per dish. Nooï is a already a hit in France, with over 50 locations; Hello Pasta is a new venture, but is planning on opening 10 stores in the NYC area in the near future, and has nothing other than world conquest in mind: "Our goal is to be the Starbucks or Pinkberry of pasta," said a Hello Pasta partner.
· Fast-Food Pasta Hits N.Y. [WSJ]
· Hello Pasta [Official Site]
· Nooï [Official Site]

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