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Of Course Ruth Reichl Follows @RuthBourdain

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Photo: Jason Cohen,

During her signing at the International Association of Culinary Professionals book fair in Portland over the weekend, Ruth Reichl acknowledged keeping close tabs on the Twitter superstar @RuthBourdain.

"I haven't read him in the past two days, because I haven't had time to!" Reichl said. "But..." - and here she lowered her voice to a confessional tone - "I normally read him religiously. And I find him hilarious."

Why does Reichl think "Ruth Bourdain" is a actually a he? "I don't think a woman is doing it. It's just... it's the mind of a man. He's closer to Tony than to me. And now he's doing FloFab and all kinds of other people. But he's very clever," she told us. "And I worry that I'm now deliberately feeding him material."

Indeed, Reichl's Sunday evening tweet from Los Angeles ("Unforgettable wedding of squid ink and foie gras. Croak monsieur?") almost doesn't need the extra "Bourdain" 'tude.

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—Jason Cohen