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Canada Getting Its Own Version of Top Chef

Not content with watching the American edition of Top Chef, now the Canadians want their own. And their own they shall get. NBC Universal and Canwest, the biggest media company in Canada, have inked a deal to bring an all-Canuck version of the cooking competition to Food Network Canada, slated for a Spring 2011 premiere. Casting and production details are scarce at this point, but maybe expect Gail Simmons as she is, in fact, Canadian. In terms of who will be cast in the Colicchio role, we're somehow betting on Susur Lee, and for the Padma part maybe.... Alanis Morissette? Does she cook?

Previously, the foreign format rights were sold to France. But, what's more, via the official press release from Canwest, we learn that local format rights were also sold to Mexico, Brazil, and India, so there could be a whole slew of new foreign Top Chefs in the future!
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