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Edible Art, Piñata Smashing at the Brooklyn Museum

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Last night, the Brooklyn Museum's annual Brooklyn Ball, food artist/caterer Jennifer Rubell presented "Icons," a participatory performance art and dinner gala. And copious edible and drinkable art was abound: Champagne fountains inspired by Marcel Duchamp; eight "drinking paintings" with spigots poking through the canvas that delivered guests their cocktails; heads molded out of cheese suspended in the air surrounded by heat guns, causing them to drip onto crackers below; and 700 blank paint tubes filled with dips and spreads.

For the main course, guests had to carve their own rabbits, turkeys, pigs, and beef; and the event ended with a "fashion forward" carnival in the museum lobby, complete with a 20-foot tall Andy Warhol head piñata filled with balloons and Hostess products including Snowballs and Twinkies.

Click through for liner notes and video evidence of Mario Batali's epic super strength: He bashed the pinata with such force that he broke the baseball bat in half.

1) Roll call: Chloe Sevigny, Mario Batali, Del Posto chef Mark Ladner, Marcus Samuelsson and his wife Maya Hailes, Publican's Donnie Madia, Diane von Furstenberg, and people from the Le Fooding.

2) Marcus Samuelsson deflected questions about the rumors of his Top Chef Masters win.

3) During the carnival / dance party, the half-naked beefcake lapdances.

4) Mario Batali's SUPER STRENGTH:

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Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY