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Bobby Parkerchuk, a Twitter Account Mashup of Robert Parker and Gary Vaynerchuk

Introducing Bobby Parkerchuk (@bparkerchuk), a mashup of the Twitter accounts of wine critic Robert Parker and internet wine-guy Gary Vaynerchuk. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Similar in concept to Ruth Bourdain, here's a recent tweet: "good morning Worcester MA! luv u all! 95 pts...but since we can't ship to u, we luvs u not so much... #notcrushingit #missingCdP07" It's a little funnier if you know the original sources, @robertmparkerjr and @garyvee.

Dr. Vino has an interview with Parkerchuk in which he does indeed credit Ruth Bourdain for the inspiration, saying: "I have to hand it to Ruth Bourdain?she’s a surly broad w great legs–and I’m not talking in the wine glass?99 pts." Two makes it a trend, so who's next?

· @bparkerchuk [Twitter]
· Bobby Parkerchuk, tweeting from Monkton, NJ [Dr. Vino]

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