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Chef Tries to Rebrand Asian Carp as "Shanghai Bass"

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Phillip Foss, executive chef at the Lockwood restaurant in Chicago, is working with Asian carp, the invasive species that's taking over lakes in the Midwest. His fish purveyor sent some carp to ten different area restaurants as a challenge to see if they could do something with it. He's been serving the dish "Asian Carp-accio", but in a segment on Fox & Friends, Foss says he wants to rebrand Asian carp as "Shanghai Bass."

And apparently it's a total pain to butcher: He told Fox & Friends, "From a fine dining standpoint, it's a lot of work to take the bones out." The first time Foss broke one down, he was nearly defeated, tweeting: "Finished butchering an Asian Carp & the fish won. In need of a cigarette, a drink, and continuing education." Foss recently wrote on his blog: "Once the cleaning is taken into account, we are left with roughly 10% of usable product off of the original fish. So although the whole fish is deceptively inexpensive, the end product turns out to cost more along the lines of elite fish such as Dover sole." See video below of the hardcore butchery in action:

Fox & Friends

Butchering an Asian Carp

Phillip Foss vs the Asian carp from mike sula on Vimeo.

· Asian Carp on the Menu [Fox via GS Chicago]


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