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Lisa Lillien aka "Hungry Girl" Headed to the Cooking Channel?

As if announcing a dozen new shows isn't enough, Scripps is close to signing a deal with Lisa Lillien aka "Hungry Girl" for the Cooking Channel, reports the New York Times. Lillien is sort of a low-cal "guilt-free" Sandra Lee, and is a big fan of the processed foodstuffs: Her recipes often list ingredients with specific brand names, which also happen to be her advertisers or sponsors. Which is at odds with how the Food Network does things.

The Food Network has (so far) avoided brand mentions during cooking shows, going to great lengths: creating fake labels or simply blurring them out. Perhaps Lillien will renounce the brand integration for her show? Or perhaps Scripps is going to explore a whole new territory, using her as their foil, arguing, "Well, she was already doing it."

Also, the Times is being a little bit funny in the article regarding Lillien's show: "Whether viewers will watch this show, or any other on the network, remains to be seen."

· A Newcomer to Food Television Tries for a Little Grit [NYTimes]

Lisa Lillien [Photo: Washington Post]