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Wanting to Become a Celebrity Chef, Man Emulates Guy Fieri

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Last night on The Marriage Ref (shut up, I do not watch it), Milt Drewer, a realtor, has dreams of becoming a celebrity chef, and to that aim he's adopted the styling of Guy Fieri (spiked, bleached blond hair, Ed Hardy clothes). His signature dish? The Captain Crunch crab cake. Of course it's led his wife to drink excessively and demand that he change his hair back. But Milt isn't having any of it: "I have to keep the entire look because I gotta look like the look that they're selling on television."

One of the judges, Jimmy Fallon, says: "He wants to look like a celebrity chef. Like Guy Fieri, right? My point is not that the guy looks like an idiot. My point is that that idiot already exists."

Starts about one minute in:

· The Marriage Ref - Episode 6 // Part 2 [YouTube]