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Jamie Oliver Actually Saves the World?

On last week's Food Revolution, school administrators granted Jamie Oliver an audience with 1,800 students in a gymnasium, asking them to stop eating the processed foods and give his spaghetti a chance, because the future of this very nation was in their hands:

Today at lunch, I haven't taken away your french fries... and I've got one line with spaghetti and meat sauce, and if enough of you choose my dish, then I'm gonna get permission to roll this out through the other schools. And if you don't, I won't. Basically it's all up to you. What happens in this country, this food revolution, comes down to this school, on this day, with you students.

Amazingly, appealing to the common sense of teenagers worked, with (what appeared to be) every student opting for Jamie's spaghetti. Success on a small scale!

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