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Chefs vs City Season Two, Now With Food Network Celebrities

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The second season of Food Network's Chefs vs City starts this Sunday night. It's an odd show: Take two talented, celebrated chefs (Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez), toss them into a cheap and pretty blatant ripoff of The Amazing Race, and then have them participate in silly, almost demeaning challenges like EAT A LOT OF CAKE or EAT SUPER-SPICY FOOD REALLY FAST. In some episodes, the Food Network just completely tortured them.

Season one pitted Cosentino and Sanchez against local food workers from that particular episode's city. But! For season two, they have to compete against Food Network celebrities, including Claire Robinson, Sunny Anderson, Robert Irvine, Jamie and Bobby Deen, Aaron McCargo, Jr., and Duff Goldman. It's more like Chefs vs People Who Have Contracts With the Food Network. Yeah, it's all in good fun, but what a waste of Cosentino and Sanchez's talent.

Chefs vs City Commercial

[Photo: National Post]

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