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Survivor Contestants Rewarded With a Trip to a Pop-Up Outback Steakhouse

On last night's episode Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, the winners of a challenge were rewarded with a trip to... an Outback Steakhouse? More specifically, a custom-built, island-themed Outback Steakhouse with a limited menu of baked potato, "special sirloin" and "grilled shrimp on the barbie." (We don't watch the Survivor, is this a common thing?) Epic corporate sponsorship synergisms!

And to really drive the point home, one of the contestants admits to the camera, "My husband is a soldier in the Army, and I kinda felt bad I was without my husband... Because we just love Outback, we always go to Outback! But he's gotta do his job, and I gotta do what I have do out here on Survivor." Meaning: margaritas.

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