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Martha Stewart Fears Texting Will Turn Us All Into Illiterate Mole People

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Today on The Martha Stewart Show, the author of the book NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary and internet "expert" visited to explain widely-used acronyms, texting, and (oh-my-gosh) sexting. Martha Stewart fears that all this abbreviating is turning us into an illiterate, ignorant mass:

People are going to forget actually how to spell. And then they're gonna forget how to talk, and then they're gonna forget how to think... We spent how many centuries learning how to talk and developing beautiful vocabularies and dictionaries for real language?

And the kids these days! She also suspects that the next generation is on its way to becoming an army of digital mole people:

They're not talking anymore, they're not making telephone calls anymore, they're texting all the time. So they're all getting near-sighted. They're gonna be blind, they're gonna be deaf because they're listening with headphones all the time, they're gonna become really, really a problem.

Also, don't take offense if Martha doesn't reply to text messages (ugh! like, really, she never does!): "I have so many I've never answered, people must think I'm really out of it."

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