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Ron Jeremy to Appear on Next Week's No Reservations

One of the producers from No Reservations, Nari Kye, writes on their crew blog, "Many moons ago, Tony decided Ron Jeremy (probably the most decorated male porn star ever) simply had to be a part of the sequel to the Food Porn 2 episode." This episode, mind you, is the one that Anthony Bourdain promised to make you feel "dirty and ashamed." So Kye ends up going out for drinks with Ron Jeremy, and who shows up, but "the epitome of American entrepreneurship" and owner of the legendary Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof. The life of a No Reservations staffer is truly blessed!

Update: They've posted a preview clip of the Food Porn 2 Episode, including this line from Bourdain: "Some things never get old: Whether it's a good juicy hamburger, a pastrami sandwich, or drunken doggy-style. They're just classics. Oh, and Ph?."

· It's Ron Jeremy! [Travel Channel]

[Photo: Travel Channel]