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Stephen Colbert on KFC's Double Down Sandwich: 'This Is the Warped Creation of a Syphilitic Brain'

Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert ran a "Food for Thought" segment, tackling the US military banning fast food in Afghanistan ("without deep-fried food, will they even know what they're fighting for?"); the psychotic Burger King ads ("I think this seven-foot tall monarch with a giant plastic head is perfectly reasonable"); KFC's Double Down; and the McDonald's Germany cupcakes. Regarding the Double Down, Colbert flipped:

This is deep-fried madness. This is breaded insanity. It is a sandwich that lacks all sandwich-ness. It's like an edible Hieronymus Bosch painting wrapped in a paper straitjacket. If a sandwich has no buns, can it truly be called a sandwich? This is the warped creation of a syphilitic brain!

Later, he invited the nihilist German Ambassador to the United Nations and offered him a cupcake, who demurred, "What is this birthday party? Why would you celebrate the slowly tightening grip of death? Does the child eat this to forget that he is decaying?"

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Thought for Food - Mentally Ill Advertisers & German Cupcakes