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Who Should Play Gael Greene on the Insatiable TV Show?

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Following the news that Gael Greene's steamy memoir Insatiable might be picked up as a cable TV series, our first thought was: Who's going to play a 70's version of the critic?

We've assembled a few casting choices based on looks, experience, and the ability to fill out a large hat. Let us know who you think would be the best pick in the comments!

2010_Gael_Greene_Lady%20_Gaga.jpg Lady Gaga: Just like Gael, she's an overly sexual blonde New York "It Girl." And yes, her hat collection is some next-level stuff.

2010_04_Kim_Catrall.jpg Kim Cattrall: The role she was born to play! Even if her performance was just a tweak on her popular Samantha character from Sex and the City, she would work magic with all of the sexual innuendos that are the trademark of Gael's food writing.

2010_04_January%20_Jnes.jpg January Jones: She's famous for playing a strong, urbane woman in the New York area on Mad Men, she looks great in period clothing, and plus, she's a dead ringer for a young Gael. Sadly, we do not know what Jones looks like in a car wheel-sized sun hat.

2010_04_Uma_Insatiable.jpgUma Thurman: Aside from bearing a striking resemblance to the critic in her youth, Gael even tweeted that she hoped that Uma would one day play her in the show, way back in May of last year.

2010_04_Renne_Gael.jpg Renée Zellweger: She's a strong contender for the lead as she has played a frisky journalists who mixes business with pleasure in not one but two Bridget Jones movies.

2010_04_SJP.jpg Sarah Jessica Parker: The actress that made half the women in America want to move to New York to become advice columnists could easily pull the same hat trick for food journalism. Cast Mario Cantone as her New York Magazine editor, and it's a done deal.

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Gael Greene in 1961 [Photo: NYM]