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Alice Waters on Real Time With Bill Maher

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When it was announced that Alice Waters would appear on Real Time With Bill Maher with Chris Rock and Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong, we had anticipated a somewhat rowdy group conversation — but alas, it was not to be. Instead it was a "special edition" with one-on-one interviews.

Saying that he wanted to expose Waters to a new audience, Bill Maher described her as "someone who should be heard." Which was somewhat honorable! Unfortunately, Maher came off illiterate food-wise: When handed rosemary from Waters' Edible Schoolyard, Maher was dumbfounded, asking "Is that edible? Looks like something I might roll up after the show.... You eat that? You do eat that?"

But then he talked trash about Julia Child:

A lot of people saw the Julia Child movie, and sort of the same thing happened to her. She went to France and had an epiphany about food, but she came back and made stuff with rich sauces and all this shit. And you came back from France and made good food.

Waters, graciously, didn't fall for the bait, standing firm throughout to espouse her Utopian vision, withstanding and countering his not-particularly-funny barbs. See this brilliant exchange:

Bill Maher: People do say, well, we can't all eat like Alice Waters says we should eat.
Alice Waters: Oh yes we can.
BM: There are people, obviously, who are very poor, and when you have to feed a family, McDonald's sometimes is the -
AW: No, that's never the answer.
BM: Like I said, that's not it. Never the answer. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
AW: There are so many beautiful things to cook. We just have to learn how to cook them again.

Video: Part 1:

Video: Part 2:

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