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Photos of NYT Food Critic Sam Sifton Eating a KFC Double Down in New York City

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Sam Sifton [Photo:]

Here are photos of New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton eating a Double Down Sandwich inside and outside a KFC at Herald Square New York City. On Friday, Sifton wrote that he would "head to KFC for lunch," so Eater posted operatives at every branch of KFC in Manhattan, anticipating his arrival. Here are photos of Sifton taking notes and marinating on the complex flavors of the meal:

Update: Sifton filed his review, writing: "It is, in all, a disgusting meal, a must-to-avoid." He also called our operatives "geek paparazzi" who "lurked anonymously in the bushes."

Sam Sifton [Photo:]

Sam Sifton [Photo:]

Sam Sifton [Photo:]

Sam Sifton [Photo:]

Sam Sifton [Photo:]

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