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April Fools' Day Food Blog Pranks

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Hey look, it's April Fools and the blogs are trying to be funny. Some of pranks are rather elaborate:

1. Alinea at Home claims to have purchased a vintage Airstream trailer to open the Alinea on the Road food truck, doing "avant-garde adaptations of traditional street food" including "Hot Dog Air" and "Sweetbread and Lobster Popsicle." [AAH]

2. Slice claims to have signed a deal with Naples Tourism Bureau, promising that "all posts after this one will deal 100 percent with Neapolitan pizza." Also: "all posts after this one will be written in Italian." A promise they're delivering on. [Slice]

3. Starbucks gets in on the game, announcing new sizes, Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz). [SBUX]

4. The Daily Beast launched a prank food site, The Daily Feast, with stories like Stephen Colbert getting out of the wine business and Ruth Reichl launching a new magazine Gourmand. [Daily Feast via Feast]

5. Chow pushed out a whole bunch of content: Michelin fires its inspectors; Stay-at-Home Mom Arrested for Using Bouillon Cube; Guy Fieri Wins Peabody; Community Slaughterhouse and Wi-Fi Café in Williamsburg; DPH Mustache-Net Crackdown. [CHOW]

6. Food Network Humor claims to have been acquired by the Food Network, writing: "I will no longer be allowed to make fun of Guy Fieri’s hair, Guy Fieri’s sunglasses, Guy Fieri’s clothing, or Guy Fieri’s penis." [FNH]

7. Food52 ran a contest for Your Best Warthog Recipe. [F52]

8. Hedonia announces a new restaurant in San Francisco: The Hungry Hipster: "Fridays will feature an all-bacon menu" and Saturdays will feature "a 12-course tasting menu served entirely in macaron form." [HEDONIA]

Alinea on the Road Food Truck [Photo: Alinea at Home]

Know of any other pranks? Send it in.

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