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New Cable Show Looking for "Food Obsessed Guy's Guys"

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Another day, another new food reality show. With the premiere of the Travel Channel's Food Wars just hours away, we learn via our inbox of a casting call for another new food/travel cable program. It sounds like the casting directors are looking for someone in the Guy Fieri/Adam Richman vein, with maybe a touch of Jimmy Buffett thrown in for good measure. Basically, a dudely dude who loves to eat, who cares about the local artisans behind his favorite meals, but also likes pina coladas and getting lost in the rain.

No info yet as to what the name of the new show is, or what network it will be on, but our spidey-senses tell us the Travel Channel has something to do with this.

Are you the kind of guy who plans your vacations around FOOD? Be it French Laundry or a clam shack, do you regularly drive/fly out of your way to sample the best pizza, burger, BBQ, burrito, ramen...? If yes, you just might be the Host of our new show.

A national cable network is looking for a passionate, food-obsessed Everyman (mid 20s to late 30s, any ethnicity) who’s a big personality, loud, universally loveable, gregarious “Guy’s Guy” who’s at ease in any situation and great with on-the-fly interactions no matter who he’s talking to.

Looking for a strong, confident personality who can carry a show but prior hosting experience helpful but not required. It’s a given you love to EAT. But you’re also curious and hungry to know everything from the history to the recipes to the purveyors to the people making and serving the food.

Please email with VACATION FOOD DUDE in the subject line and be sure to include:
-- full name
-- phone number
-- current home town
-- recent photo (no older than 6 months)
-- resume
-- bio paragraph describing why you are qualified to host this show (have fun!)
-- link to your website (if available)
-- link to your reel (if available)
-- list/describe 3 culinary destinations on your bucket list
-- list/describe 2 places you’ve driven/flown out of your way just to eat or drink something