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Denny's Crosses a Line With Irish Potato Famine Commercial

After winning over the public with their hilarious screaming chicken Super Bowl commercial, Denny's took a big misstep with another new ad that uses the Irish Potato Famine to promote their unliminted french fry and pancake offer. The commercial —which has been thoroughly scrubbed from the internet—cites the french fry and pancake deal (still valid through the end of the month!) as a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the end of the 19th century famine that left more than a million people dead.

The commercial initially drew heat from the Irish press when it debuted last month, but over the last week, the ad has been the constant topic of discussion on the Facebook group "Denny's Boycott - The Irish Demand Respect!," now over 1,200 users strong. A reporter from the Times got an official statement from the chain-restaurant king that reads:

“Denny’s has a history of using humor in its television advertising... It is certainly not the intention of the company to offend anyone or any group, and we apologize if this spot has in any way."
While have suggested that Denny's should make donations to organizations that fight hunger on behalf of the Irish community —the chain has yet to respond to these requests. Meanwhile, the twitter feed of the Taiwanese man that the company promotes has also stayed mum on the subject.
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