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Kobayashi's Meatball Feat; Paula Deen's Advice For Lil Wayne

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BROOKLYN—Competitive eating king Takeru Kobayashi broke the world record for meatball eating today, after he successfully downed 26 Ikea meatballs in under one minute. [Dumbo NYC via Eater NY]

PINOTGATE—Last month, French Wine merchant E&J Gallo was charged with fraud convictions after selling Merlot and Syrah bottles lableled as Pinot Noir. Today a Gallo spokesperson released a statement saying ""There is no way to chemically test wine to establish its varietal composition with certainty." The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is looking into the case. [SFGate]

AUSTRALIA—A four-year-old boy had his hand stuck inside of a Coke machine for over an hour until the fire department finally came to the rescue. Says his father "He knew it was going on, but he wasn't too worried." After the ordeal, the child asked for a glass of water. [Stuff]

THE PAULAVERSE—Capping off our coverage of all-things-Deen today, the Southern Belle had some words of advice for rapper Lil' Wayne as he starts his prison sentence tomorrow: "some collard greens, honey. They'll clean his butt out. May not clean it up, but it'll clean it out." [TMZ]