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2010-03-%20Nobu.jpg On tonight's episode of Nightline, Nobu Matsuhisa talks about opening a restuarant in Alaska early in his career, only to have it shutter by a fire: " between the dinner, there is one phone call from my partner. 'Nobu, you must come to restaurant right now.' “What’s going on?' 'There’s a fire!' I don’t remember much. But my next memory I was back home. I sit down at the table, my wife is next to me, my children around my leg, you know, and I was thinking the whole week I’m thinking how can I kill myself, suicide. Because I lost money, even loan money, so it’s minus big money." More on how Nobu rebounded from the incident, and his rise to international stardom on tonight's Nightline [Eaterwire]

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