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Heston Serves His Tudor Feast; Japan's Great Ramen Comedy

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Heston Blumenthal serves a crazy historically-themed meal to his celeb friends, Rick Bayless recalls cooking with Julia Child, Martha Stewart tests out some new recipes on the Today Show, and much, much more!

1) Heston Serves His Tudor Feast: In this clip from the finale of British TV show Heston's Tudor Feast, Blumenthal serves his strange historically-themed creations to a panel of British celebs, while watching their reactions from the kitchen via a closed-circuit TV:

2) Bayless Cooks a Julia-Inspired Menu: Julia Child made Rick Bayless want to become a chef. Here's a video of Rick preparing a dish that he cooked alongside the legend many years ago:

3) New MI2WI Preview: In this new ad for Minute to Win It, we learn that some of the simple-yet-also-impossible games that Guy Fieri has planned for the show involve tossing water bottles onto tables, and keeping feathers up in the air by blowing on them.

4) Tampopo Trailer: This week, Bon Appetit voted 1985 Japanese ramen chef comedy/western Tampopo one of their six best food films of all time. No subtitles are need to tell that this movie is probably awesome:

5) Martha Stewart Shows off New Recipes: This morning, Martha stopped by the Today Show to demonstrate some recipes from the most current issue of her magazine. It's strange how you can tell that Martha and Matt Lauer secretly don't like eachother:

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