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Blue Bottle Hits Brooklyn; 24 Secret Chain Restaurant Menus

NEW YORK — Eater NY has a sweet, sweet photo gallery of the new Blue Bottle Coffee company in Brooklyn. Every drink at the new outpost of the SF transplant will be made with incredible precision, with the drip coffee poured by hand in a meticulous process that takes about three to four minutes a cup. The espresso machines are Italian, but the iced coffee slow-drip devices are Japanese. Brewed at 88 drops per minute, the entire process takes 10-12 hours and is made overnight. [Eater NY]

FAST FOOD SECRETS— The resourceful kids over at Coupon Sherpa have compiled a list of 24 secret menus at national chain restaurants—including McDonald's, In-N-Out, Chipotle, and even Starbucks. Did you know that you can order a stuffed crust pizza at Little Caesars? Believe it. [Coupon Sherpa]

ACROSS AMERICA— Have a favorite restaurant bathroom? Then please, by all means, nominate it for the 2010 Best Restroom In America Award. The ceremony is in it's ninth year, and honors the most unique, inviting, and memorable facilities in all the land. After you vote for your favorite, please feel free to also suggest a catchy shorthand name for the award -- The 'Roomies? The Resties? The Johns? [EaterWire]

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