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Tamale Cart Takes NOLA By Storm; Wolfgang's Big Night

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, A hipster tamale cart pedals its way through New Orleans, Anthony Bourdain meets more food obsessives, Wolfgang Puck gears up for Oscar night, and much, much, more!

1) Bicycle Tamale Cart: The Times Picayune filmed a video profile of Holly's Tamales, a hot new mobile mexican food cart that is taking New Orleans by storm:

Holly’s Tamales

2) Anthony Bourdain is Still Obsessed: Yesterday we saw a clip of the upcoming food obsession episode of No Reservations. Here's the official trailer, with a peek at some more crazed food lovers:

3) Psychadelic IHOP Commercial: Today's horrific "finger in the salad" incident at IHOP isn't the only time the restaurant has been affiliated with creepiness. Check out this actual commercial from the pancake king that ran in 1969:

4) Wolfgang Puck Shows Of His Oscar Feast: Earlier this week, Wolfgang Puck gave a preview of the sumptuous Governor's Ball dinner that he his preparing for the Academy Awards this weekend:

5) The Scotto's Cook a Simple Pasta: We learned earlier this week that America's most beloved Italian media family, the Scottos, are taking their food nationwide. Here's a demo from Marion and son John of how to make a simple tomato sauce with prosciutto:

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