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Woman Finds Finger In Salad, Sues The Pants Off Of IHOP

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An IHop customer in Florida found a little something extra in her fried chicken salad — a human finger. Yes, in a supreme case of chain restaurant grossouts, the diner — who had just come from a church service with her family—discovered the bloody digit of the chef after finishing a good half of the dish. The cook apparently sliced it off while making the salad, and was rushed to the hospital, only to discover that his severed finger was missing.

The Smoking Gun originally reported the incident two years ago, but now we learn that the customer in question has assembled a team of lawyers to help sue the pancake chain, and sue them good. The claims letter to the restaurant's insurance company asks for $18 million in compensation to be awarded to the woman and her husband, plus an extra $2.5 million on top of that for their daughter, who took a bite of the finger-laced dish.

Sadly, this news comes a week after IHop won over the country with it's free pancake promotion.

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