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Pub at Harry Potter Theme Park to Be Authentic, Healthy

The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando—opening in June—is going to give Harry Potter fans the chance to visit in a fully realized version of the world in J.K. Rowling's books. This attention to detail, of course extends to the park's recreation of the books' Pub, The Three Broomsticks. MTV news got a tour of the new restaurant, and tasted the book's famed butter beer, and yup, just like it's described, the (non alcoholic) brew magically tastes like butterscotch and shortbread at the same time.

The Pub's menu will include meticulously recreated Potter-fare:

"When asked if these dishes had actually appeared in the books, [the park's food and Beverage director] produced a heavily annotated stack of "Harry Potter" novels and asked whether his questioner wanted to see the exact pages mentioning the dishes."

One of the ways the real-life Three Broomsticks will differ from the fictional one is that it'll serve a healthy kids' menu (because American kids are all little fatties these days). Kids' meals with things like mac and cheese will be offered but they "have all been sized to come in at under 300 calories." Authentic Harry Potter diet food!

·'Harry Potter' Theme Park To Serve Butterbeer With Pub Fare [MTV]
[Photo: NRN]

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