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Paula Deen Painting; Whataburger; Ronald McDonald

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THE INTERNETS — You can be the owner of this original oil painting of Paula Deen: "In the right foreground is Paula Deen's husband in a red Rolls Royce convertible. Paula Deen herself is holding a luscious slice of coconut cake." Buy-it-now price of $3,844.00. [eBay]

HAMBURGERS — Nick Solares reviews the hamburger at Texas-based chain Whataburger, calling it "a fine example of a fast food hamburger," "good but not remarkable." [AHT]

THE BLOGS — The New York Times Fifth Down blog has hired Jets tight end Dustin Keller to write a food column. [NYT via FNY]

FAST FOODERY An international coalition of "health professionals, parents, and corporate accountability advocates" is calling for Ronald McDonald to retire as a spokesman for McDonald's. [The Age via Animal]

SAN FRAN — Good Foods Catering has gotten such good feedback for their house-made bacon that they're planning a five-course bacon dinner. [Good Foods via SFoodie]

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