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Ducasse Pontificates On Being A Chef, Owning 25 Restaurants

Alain Ducasse chats with the Philippine Daily Inquirer today about what it's like being both a revered French master chef and globe-trotting empire builder. There's really no one better to speak on the subject (except for maybe Joel "In-N-Out" Robuchon). After all, Ducasse owns 25 reatuarants around the world, three of which have the Michelin Guide's highest rating. You can tell from Ducasse's responses that he has thought long and hard about the strange nature of his job many, many times before.

On creating menus:

“I design the culinary content. I collaborate with the chefs and this collaboration is already 85 percent of the dish. I taste, we adjust, and that’s the other 15 percent,”

On how his team works when he's not around:

“The work ethic is there and there’s complete trust. They prepare lunch and dinner every day, so in this regard, they’re better than me. They have this desire to do better and better, precisely because I’m not there.”
On his staff's "natural talent":
“You can always train them...but there has to be some innate substance because this is a very difficult profession.”
On critics:
“There will always be people who won’t be happy....One has to listen to critics, whether it’s positive or negative.”
On critics, again:
“The chef and the journalist are always right. Everyone thinks they’re always right.”
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