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Hello, Eater National: Let's Get this Party Started

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Hello internet! I'm Raphael Brion and I'm the new camp counselor / air traffic controller of this here blog. Most recently, I was one of the founders and editors of Eat Me Daily. In a previous life, I was a designer at Serious Eats, and prior to that, I survived random stints of line cookery in New York City. In the past, I've also been employed as a film projectionist, a waiter, a tennis court attendant, a one hour photo attendant, and a peat moss shoveler. As a youth, I worked at a bagel store. For only a day. It was a very bad day. But today is a good day! Because today, I start as the editor of Eater National.

But enough about me! Let's talk about you! And your tips. If you've written something good, be it a blog post or perhaps one of those long, old-timey articles, send it in to If you've seen something brilliant or funny or of consequence, send it in. If you have gossip or important news, send it in. Are you seeing a pattern here? I expect and invite you to flood my inbox with links of all kinds. Or, you can just say "Hi" and maybe I'll tell you about the day at the bagel store.

This is gonna be fun.

[Photo credit: aturkus on Flickr]

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