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Grant Achatz to Food Bloggers: Stop Taking Photos, Your Food's Getting Cold

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Grant Achatz penned a lengthy rant on Alinea's message board yesterday about bloggers taking photos in the dining room, arguing that it ruins the enjoyment of the food:

A month ago a front of the house team member served the Hot Potato –Cold Potato to a blogger that was taking photos with a camera resting on a tripod. The server did their normal spiel, telling the guest the dish was intended to be consumed right away so the sensation of temperature contrast could be experienced. Instead they took a few minutes to move the course around on the table to find the right light, snapped several images, and then undoubtedly enjoyed?.Warm Potato –Warm Potato.

But people shooting video of him or his front of the house staff? "This is where I feel the documentation crosses the line... No wonder [celebrities] punch the paparazzi out when they get the chance."

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