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Employee Calls in Bomb Threat Against His Hotel to Get the Day Off

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File under bad ideas! Early this morning, the Miami police department received a false bomb threat to the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. And the call came from inside the house: "Police were able to trace the call to the Biltmore where the hotel's phone system indicated it had come from the Executive Chef's office," reported local news station CBS 4. To top it off, the caller included a dose of anti-semitism, threatening "death to all Jews." It turned out that 62-year-old Thomas Hudnall — a steward at the hotel — had made the bomb threat, telling police "he wanted the hotel to be evacuated so he could have the day off."

So was he at least successful in shutting the hotel down, even temporarily? Nope: Eater contacted the Biltmore and learned that no guests were evacuated since the management thought there was "no credible threat" from the scare. Instead of getting the day off, he got sent off to jail.

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