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Oreo Scones; Bourdain Frets; Loaf Tanning Salons

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NEW YORK — A diner-style "scone" studded with Oreos: "It practically glowers, angered by its own existence." [Jezebel]

THE BLOGS — Forget all the good he's trying to accomplish! Killjoy HuffPo writer is upset with Jamie Oliver because he's not recycling on his TV show. [HuffPo]

BOOK CLUB Anthony Bourdain worries about his upcoming book, Medium Raw, writing on his blog: "[R]e-reading the manuscript, I see a mean book -- vicious at times -- and I wonder now what strange beast I've created." [Travel Channel]

NEW YORK New York runs a lengthy profile of meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda. [New York via Eater NY]

ENGLAND — The organization "The Real Bread Campaign" called grocery stores "loaf tanning salons" because they rebake par-baked bread. [Telegraph]

HAWAII Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley on Lost) documents his dining in the dark experience at Formaggio Grill in Kailua, Hawaii. [Hurley Blog]

[Photo credit: Jezebel]

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