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Remembering a Young Jamie Oliver: Jamming with Jamiroquai

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Jamie Oliver has been in the news a lot lately because of his work on his new show for ABC, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. The NY Daily News even reported today that Oliver may be taking a petition to change the nutritional content of school lunches to the White House sometime soon. This is all very important, very timely stuff, but sometimes it's good to remember that many years ago, Jamie got his start on a little show call the Naked Chef. In his younger days, Oliver used to throw dinner parties for his model and rock star friends, where they'd drink and schmooze and he'd cook them a shaggy, but delicious meal. In one episode, Jamie even drove his VW Winnebago up to Jamiroquai's country estate/recording studio to cook them an alpine tart.

·The Naked Chef Starring Jay Kay [Youtube]
·Reality series 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' aims to anger viewers over the food system [NYDN]

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