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Ferran Adrià & Jose Andrés to Teach Cooking Class at Harvard

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Now that the fate of El Bulli has been determined, Ferran Adrià can focus on a few of his passion projects — like teaching a cooking class at Harvard with his old buddy Jose Andrés! That's right, two of the world's best chefs (and practicing molecular gastronomy wizards) will teach a 13-week "culinary physics" course at Harvard University in the fall. The duo will also be joined for individual classes by a few other giants of cooking — like Blue Hill's Dan Barber and fellow Michelin-starred Spanish chef Joan Roca.

In terms of curriculum, Adrià and Andrés will begin by teaching some of the basics of physics, ultimately leading up to demonstrations on how to make the emulsions and foams that are the trademarks of molecular gastronomy. Says Otger Campas, a Harvard research fellow who is helping to design the class: "All cooking, if you look at it, is soft-matter physics...This is designed to create a dialogue between cooks and scientists." Hear that Yale? Two of the world's best chefs are teaching an intro to physics class at Harvard. Who do you got?
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