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Marco Pierre White's Pop-Up Sandwich Shop; Shrimp Blogging

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Anthony Bourdain has a hard time in Vietnam, Frank Bruni and Katie Lee make burgers together, a shrimp blogger expounds upon the glories of Taco Bell, and much, much more!

1) Anthony Bourdain Hits Vietnam: The preview for next week's Vietnam episode of No Reservations is up. Looks like Tony has a hard time with a few Vietnamese vegetarians and gets pretty sloshed on some local wine:

2) Ferran Adria Announces his Harvard Class: This news clip from EFE International features footage of the speech at the Spanish culinary trade show where Adria announced his Harvard class with Jose Andres. In his address, Adria talks about how the science world and the food world have only recently started working together:

3) Marco Pierre White Hawks Potato Chips: Here's the extended promo that Marco Pierre White filmed for Walker's potato chips. In the clip, White sets up a humble sandwich shop in the town of Sandwich, England, and schmoozes with the locals about how wonderful the chips are:

4) Bruni Makes Burgers with Katie Lee: As a companion to his recent profile of Katie Lee for the New York Times, former food critic Frank Bruni filmed this cooking segment with Lee in the home of her fabulous West Village, Manhattan apartment. They make her Burger Bash-winning West Virginia patty melts:

5) The Taco Bell Shrimp Blogger: Yes, Taco Bell is promoting its new Pacific Shrimp Tacos with a fictional shrimp blogger, who travels the world in search of the perfect prawn:

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