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The Ten Most Embarrassing Celebrity Chef Commercials

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These days, there's a lot of money to be made out there for a celebrity chef willing to plug a product in a commercial. In fact, some of the greatest chefs in the world have done just that. We've compiled the Ten Most Embarrassing Celebrity Chef Commercials, below.

10) Emeril Legasse for Crest: Bam! It gets the tartar out! :

9) Jamie Oliver For Sainsbury's Grocery Store: The one thing missing from Moulin Rouge? Jamie Oliver:

8) Marco Pierre White for Knorr Jellies: There's probably an outtake where White says "It's the best thing to happen to cooking since cash!":

7) Alton Brown for Welch's Grape Juice: Sadly, its not hard to believe that Alton actually hangs out at grape orchards in his off time:

6) Guy Fieri for T.G.I. Fridays: If Guy is going to get potato-skin guacamole burgers, its going to be at one of his own restaurants, duh.

5) Martin Yan for Master Grade Knife Sharpener: Yan Can Shill!:

4) Michael Chiarello for Progresso: Ten years ago he we the king of Napa Valley. Now he's making French dip sandwiches with Progresso au jus:

3) Padma Lakshmi for Carl's Jr.: Hey Padma, I think you missed a spot:

2) Rocco DiSpirito For Bertolli: Clearly, every woman's idea of a romantic night in involves Rocco and a bag of frozen ravioli:

1. Tom Colicchio for Diet Coke: Colicchio don't need no flowers in his diet cola!:

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