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Bourdain & Ripert Hit the Road; Keller Thinks About Brooklyn

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TURN & BURN — Tony Bourdain and Eric Ripert are taking their show on the road. The culinary duo will be appearing at Baltimore's Hippodrome on May 22 for a live chef-talk spectacular. For $29 attendees can enjoy a conversation with the two star chefs live on-stage. Pricier packages are available for a "foodie tasting" from the area's best chefs, and for an even greater sum, guests can actually hang out with the Tony and Eric, backstage. [Baltimore Sun]

THE KELLERVERSEFeast runs a thorough Q&A with the man, the legend, Thomas Keller today. Click through to hear about how Per Se was affected by the crap economy, his thoughts on Jonathan Benno's departure, his friendship with Tommy Colicchio, DOH letter grades, and a dream of a Bouchon Brooklyn. [Feast via Eater NY]

JAPAN — Japanese McDonald's restaurants are going to start training their employees via a specially designed game for the Nintendo DS. The game system is wildly popular in Japan, and the new program is expected to cut training time in half. [IGN]