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Competitive Eating Gets a Feature Film: Nacho Mountain

With all the attention that competitive eating is getting these days from shows like Man V. Food, a full length film about the sport was bound to happen. And now, it has. Nacho Mountain is the story of a down-on-his-luck guy who looses his job and decides to hold competitive eating contests in his basement to make a little extra cash.

Not surprisingly, Nacho Mountain looks as raunchy, sexist and as low budget as they come. Imagine a bad Kevin Smith film mixed with the Garbage Pail Kids, and you're somewhere close. According to the flick's IMDB page, it was shot over nine days, and is currently seeking distribution and/or screening at independent film festivals. The full Nacho Mountain trailer is below [NSFW for language and innuendo].

·Nacho Mountain [Dirt Productions]