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Chef Shuffles: John Tesar Leaves Modern Steak & Seafood

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Here's a good story: around this time last year acclaimed Dallas-area chef John Tesar was picked to take over the kitchen at David Burke's Fishtail in NYC. After a shaky first few months and some bad reviews, Tesar left both the restaurant and the city to return to Texas. In an Eater NY post about his departure, the chef himself jumped in the comments section to offer this nugget:

"Fuck y'all at eater. I am going to Texas where I don't have to deal with shitty commies like eater. Frank Bruni had nothing to do with it and I wasn't fired. david Burke is washed up and I took the job knowing David treats his chefs like crap and still gets too damn drunk and I knew as soon as he started that with me I would quit!!..."
Once back in his hometown, he quickly opened up a new restaurant called Tesar’s Modern Steak & Seafood. Now Side Dish reports that Tesar is actually out at his namesake steakhouse after less than a seven months.

No word yet on the reasons for his departure, or what his future plans are. If you have a sec, it's interesting to note how both the ENY post about his departure at Fishtail, and the Side Dish post about his new restaurant have impassioned (but oddly similar) comments from readers. Who knows — maybe Tesar will jump in the comments again this time?
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Tesar's Modern Steak & Seafood

1701 Lake Robins Dr., The Woodland's TX 77280

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