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West Virginians Were Losing Weight Anyway, Jamie Oliver

We've peeked as some clips, we've heard some of the backlash, but now America will finally get to see whether or not England's biggest chef really helped fix Huntington, West Virginia's obesity problem when Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution debuts this Sunday night. In anticipation of the program's premiere, CNN recently went to West Virginia to ask residents how they thought the show — which taped in fall 2009— has effected the town's eating habits. Says one town spokesperson:

"What people need to realize is there was already a movement to make Huntington healthier...people think we're all morbidly obese, walking around eating pizza...We have 5Ks every weekend. When the production crew came here, I was like 'We have our teeth. We have master's degrees.' "

Most of the other Huntington residents polled agreed that Jamie's visit has affected a positive change, with one city official noting that they are starting a committee to "evaluate" Oliver's work and see how they can further it. That same town spokesperson also notes that the exposure on the show might bring some much needed cash into Huntington: "I firmly believe anything that puts us on the national forefront is good...We're applying for a Google program right now, and maybe this will help. You never know."
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