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Shocker: Charlie Trotter Shutters Restaurant Charlie in Vegas

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Today Las Vegas Sun reports that star chef Charlie Trotter has closed his mega-space Restaurant Charlie and its companion C Bar in the Palazzo resort. In an e-mail sent to Sun reporter Robin Leach (yes, that Robin Leach), the chef cites the economy as the sole reason for the closure of one of his most well-reviewed restaurants. Trotter notes:

"It breaks our heart... .After many months of consideration, we -- along with our business partners -- have decided to close Restaurant Charlie. We can only be happy and proud of the success of this project over the past two years.... We are all aware of the economic crisis, which has tanked many markets -- and Las Vegas has been particularly hard hit -- especially in the mid-upscale luxury market, which is where our restaurant was categorized."

A call to the Palazzo confirms that last night was the restaurant's final dinner service, although the staff just found out about the shutter this morning. Trotter's statement also notes that the his group has loose plans on reopening the restaurant in Vegas once the economy improves, but not any time in the near future. Trotter earned his only Michelin star for the two-year-old fine dining spot.
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Restaurant Charlie

3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109