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A Taste of The Private Chefs of 90210; Bourdain Talks Waters

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Anthony Bourdain shares more of his feelings on Alice Waters and details from his new book, Gordon Ramsay prepares a holiday meal with a bunch of prisoners, the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills make dreams come true, and much, much more!

1) Bourdain Dishes on Medium Raw: In this new promo put together by his publisher, Tony Bourdain describes his new book as "a prolonged chapter about myself." He also notes that an entire portion of Medium Raw is devoted to Alice Waters, who he says still she pisses him off even if he can't disagree with anything she says. He also explains how he's well aware of all the ways that fatherhood has changed him, and how he wants to die like Vitto Corleone, chasing his grandkids in a tomato field:

2) Gordon Ramsay Teaches Inmates How to Cook: In this clip from Gordo's British show The F-Word, Ramsay heads to a state penitentiary to prepare a holiday meal with some grizzled—but star-struck—prisoners.

3) Sneak Peeking The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills: The Food Network's next cooking Reality show, the Private chefs of Beverly Hills (which we're calling TPCO90210 from now on) started as a pilot which was up on the YouTubes for a while. As soon as the show was picked up, the Food Network pulled the clip. Stuart O'Keefe—the program's Irish-heart-breaker chef—just put up a clip from the pilot, probably without the consent of the FN. Here's our first sneak peek at the show—let's enjoy it while we can:

4) Food Wars Hits Lockhart, TX: The new episode of Food Wars features a throwdown between Texas barbecue kings Smitty's and Kreuz Market. The local 'cue lovers are pretty worked up about it, alright:

5) Curtis Stone's Spanish Touch: Australian celled chef (and dreamboat) Curtis Stone stopped by the fourth hour of the Today Show this morning to make a little Spanish Paella with Hoda Kotb and Charles in Charge star Ralph Macchio:

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