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Paula Deen Slapped with $40 Million Lawsuit

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All is not well in the Deen household these days. According to Food Network Addict an event promotor, Celebrity Chef Tours LLC, is suing Paula, her sons, and her steamboat captain husband for $40 million after the Deen clan failed to promote a string of appearances under the guidelines that they had agreed upon. Strangely enough this is actually a counter lawsuit to one filed by Deen against CCT a few weeks ago, on allegations that the company defamed the family after they backed out of a ten date tour.

In addition to claiming that Paula's sons did not participate in the events as planned, the promotor also had issues with:

"the language used by Paula Deen on stage, that her show is not 'family-friendly' and the fact that audiences at her previous appearances have been disappointed by the fact that Paula Deen rarely cooks during her performance."

Also, the Deen camp apparently handed in a series of promotional videos that were so loaded with profanity and sexual innuendos that CCT felt like they could not use them to plug the event. The Deen camp has yet to responded to the counter lawsuit, but they surely won't go out without a fight. This is Paula Deen we're talking about here.
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