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Remembering a Young Jamie Oliver; Stephanie Izard Sautés

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, a very young Jamie Oliver shows off his talent in the kitchen, Heston Blumenthal finishes and serves a dinner inspired by mythical creatures, Stephanie Izard gives a simple tutorial on sauteing, and much, much more!

1) A Young Jamie Oliver Cooks: With all of his world saving efforts these days, it's easy to forget that Jamie Oliver was once a crazy kid with a little show on the BBC called The Naked Chef. Here's a choice young Jamie Oliver TV appearance that just hit the web:

2) Glamorous Cup Cakes: Eric Lanlard, the eccentric host of the Brtiish TV's Glamourus Puds, stopped by a UK chat show this week to demonstrate his no-fail recipe for cupcakes:

3) Heston Finishes his Cockatrice: Last week, we saw Heston Blumenthal create a mythical beast out of a chicken and a pig for his show, Heston's Tudor Feast. Here we see the final preparation for the historically-inspired roast:

4) Stephanie Izard's Sauteing Skills: In this new video promo for the Le Cordon Bleu institute in Chicago, Top Chef alum (and former LCB student) Stephanie Izard demonstrates some of the basics of sauteing:

5) The Scottos Celebrate Spring: This morning on the Today Show, America's first family of Italian cooking, the Scottos, stopped by the set to cook a few dishes inspired by primavera:

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