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Colicchio Celebrates the Spring with Ramps; X-Mas Schrager

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NEW YORK Eater NY notices an interesting exchange on Twitter between NYT critic Sam Sifton and Don Tom Colicchio: Per @SamSifton: "There are dudes with loafers, no socks, women in sunnies smiling at the budding trees. Cripes! Soon there'll be ramps on every menu in town!" And @Tom_Colicchio: "Its spring in NY bring on the ramps...@SamSifton 8 days and counting till rampage." [EaterNY]

THE SCHRAGERVERSE —For a peek into the world of Lee Schrager, check out Barneys New York's windows this holiday season. No, Schrager won't be playing human mannequin or anything, but he has just met with Barney's creative director Simon Doonan, who is planning a foodie theme for this year's holiday windows. [Eater Miami]

ARTS & CRAFTS For anyone wondering how to make a replica of Steve Job's head out of cheese, the Cook's Den has an excellent step-by-step guide. [the Cook's Den]

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