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Graham Elliot Bowles Opening Sandwich & Soft Serve Shop

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Molecular gastronomy whiz-kid and Lollapalooza chef Graham Elliot Bowles is set to open a down scale follow up to his wildly successful eponymous Chicago restaurant later this spring called Grahamwich. The Chicago Tribune's got the details —as the name implies, the menu at the new spot will be based around a half dozen or so sandwich creations, with homemade sodas and "seasonal soft-serves" offered as well.

So far, the Bowles camp has only mentioned that the menu will feature a tuna nicoise sandwich. While all signs point to a casual eatery, you never know what Graham has up his sleeve —he is, after all, famous for dishes like Pop Rocks-rimmed foie gras. Grahamwich is looking at a late May/Early June opening, in the same River North neighborhood of Chicago as Bowles' first restaurant. As we know, Graham is a contestant on the upcoming Top Chef Masters Season 2, so the opening could be timed to build on any success he has on the show.
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615 N. State St, Chicago, IL 60654-3853