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Marcel Vigneron Reality Show Coming to SyFy Network

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Zap2it announces today that everyone's favorite crazily-coiffed Top Cheffer from Season 2, Marcel Viegneron, will star in a new reality show on the SyFy network. This might seem like an odd bit of programming for a network whose most popular show is Battlestar Galactica, but keep in mind that Marcel's cooking style incorporates molecular gastronomy, which is of course the cuisine of choice for space-nerds.

The new show, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, will be a documentary style account of the meals prepared by Vigneron's catering company. For the first set of episodes, Marcel and Co. will create avant garde cuisine for a goth rock fashion show, the ribbon cutting for a subway line, and a Renn-Fair-themed graduation ceremony.

Last month we learned that Marcel had been tapped as the chef at LA's Bar210 and Push, where he was preparing a menu of small plate "Modern Global Tastings." No word yet on whether the catering company be run out of the club, or if this is a new business that was just cooked up for the show.
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