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Food TV Show Casting Call Roundup: March 17, 2010

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Here at Eater, we learn about new food TV show casting calls on a daily basis. We know that there are a lot of aspirant TV chefs out there, so we've put together a handy guide of the most current shows that are casting right now. Food TV hopefuls, take your Top Chef 2010 calendar off the wall, get a big red sharpie, and take some notes. Here we go:

Show: Something to do with baking
Network: Nobody knows.
Casting City: Nationwide.
Choice Casting Language: "Does everyone say your desserts are the most decadent? Do your cookies take the cake? Are your birthday cakes edible masterpieces? Do your pastries possess a buttery flaky perfection? Would you win first prize at a baking contest in your area?...We are hoping to find bakers who will be comfortable on camera with outgoing personalities and a real passion for sweets"
Application: Video taped demo, to be uploaded here.
Deadline: March 24

Show: America's Next Great Restaurant
Network: NBC
Casting City: Nationwide:
Choice Casting Language: "We are seeking foodies, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, those with a creative business sense but also people with no food biz experience who simply have a great idea."
Application: Live audition
Deadline: See audition calendar.

Show: Something to do with kitchen makeovers
Network: Nobody knows —sounds like Bravo?
Casting City: Nationwide
Choice Casting Language: "Do you have a friend or loved one who has a real passion for cooking but is trapped in an outdated, nonfunctional or just plain ugly kitchen? Now's your chance to nominate him/her to receive a kitchen worthy of a gourmet chef for free! We are currently casting dynamic homeowners who love to cook but are in desperate need of a completely new kitchen"
Application: E-mail all your details here.
Deadline: Rolling.

Show: Worst Cooks In America
Network: The Food Network
Casting City: Los Angeles
Choice Casting Language: "Are you a really bad cook? Do you need major help in the kitchen? Do friends avoid your dinner parties like the plague?"
Application: In person, at the LA Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center.
Deadline: March 27 from 10AM to 3PM

Show: Three, actually. One is about food brokers, one is about butchers, the other about wine merchants.
Network: Nobody knows, but it's a cable network for certain.
Casting City: New York
Choice Casting Language: "Preferably looking for male butchers, who are incredibly talented with their handiwork. Should have outrageous, loud personality perfect for television."
Application: Send bio with pictures here.
Deadline: Rolling.