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Rocco DiSpirito Lists KISS as a Culinary Influence

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In the April issue of Guitar Aficionado, celebrity chef and bestselling author Rocco Dispirito reveals that he got into the restaurant business because he wanted money to build his record collection. Says Dispirito:

“As a child growing up in the Seventies, I was big time into Kiss. Their album ‘Love Gun’ came out when I was around 11 years old, and I had to have it. I asked my Mom for the money to buy it, and she said to me (in thick Italian accent) “You want the money? You go get a job.” I didn’t even know I *could* get a job at that age.”
But get a job he did· one that taught him how to win over the public with the quick flash of a smile:
“I made 50 cents an hour and fell in love with the business. The idea that, just by cutting a slice of pizza, pouring a fountain soda, smiling a little, I could make someone’s day a little better, totally hooked me.”

Later in life Rocco's musical tastes changed a bit and he became a big Sprtingsteen fan. One night a few years ago he even got a chance to cook for The Boss in the kitchen of his New Jersey mansion:

"When I’m nervous, I usually do one of two things: spill something or cut my finger open. That night, I did both. I remember Bruce coming over to my side of the kitchen and watching me mop up chicken stock that I spilled all over his floor. It was ridiculous. But Bruce couldn’t have been more appreciative. And he’s really interested in food. He likes big flavor, and he’s very into healthy cooking, which I love.”
And the legend of Dispirito grows even stronger. No wonder Marisa Tomei is so sweet on him.
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